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Hi. I’m Yossi Goldlust. One of just a few hundred Goldlusts in this world. I’ve been told my last name is interesting.

People’s reaction to it often says a lot about how they think. Am I a villain from James Bond? An adult entertainer? An entrepreneur?!? Some kind of anti-semitic stereotype? A wrestler?!? Did they even hear it right?!? “Lust”. Not “Dust”.

Anyway the name is German – from Bohemia. It can be translated into English literally as “gold lust” (like “lust” or “desire” for gold) or… As “gold pleasure“.

For now this blog is where I like to reflect on whatever I’m working on or thinking about. The quick(ish?) summary of me:

More than 13 years experience in digital advertising as a salesperson, marketer and product manager. My focus has always been start ups – either launching new businesses for established companies or small companies offering something new. All of that eventually led to founding and selling a web site called Search-massive.com. Now I’m looking for something new and a chance to work with more great people. If you’d like to contact me, please email me at ygoldlust_at_gmail.com.

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